A Dreamy Taste of Spring: an Enchanting Day

Sunlight broke through the floral curtains illuminating the room as the birds began to sing their morning song. Slowly I began to awaken, stretching beneath my linen blankets that smelled of a fresh spring meadow. There was something different about this delightful morning, it wasn’t a typical chilly and dreary February, there was a sense of magic in the atmosphere today.

Soon realizing that I could hear the beautiful sounds of the birds happily chirping away, a delicate smile spreads across my face allowing both dimples to be shown. It’s been so long since I heard their angelic song. This simply must mean that spring is near and the days of whimsy and wonder are upon us.

Pulling back the dainty floral blankets, I slip out of bed and skip out into the living room. Walking toward the open window, I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my soft skin. The light breeze in the air delicately blows my velvety red hair. The world just seems absolutely enchanted and bright this morning. It’s the perfect tiny taste of spring, a preview of what is about to be.

Letting out an angelic giggle, I pirouette away toward my closet, excited to pick out an outfit to suit the spring air.

Delighted to finally be able to wear a darling skirt without multiple winter layers, I choose a gorgeous soft pink skirt. The delicate baby pink reminds me of Marie, giving me a grand idea. Running my hands over the tops in my closet, I stop when I feel the familiar soft fabric and pull it out. It’s a creamy white ribbed shirt with trumpet sleeves, an absolute reminder of Marie’s soft white fur. Reaching for my lavish pink satin bow heels, I have my outfit for the day. For an added bit of Disney magic, I place my rose gold Minnie ears on my head, my waist length hair falling in loose waves.

Feeling inspired by one of my absolute favorite Disney Characters, I twirl in front of the mirror feeling euphoric.

Feeling inspired by Disney and enchanting fairies, I reach for my Glitter Bomb palette and get started on a dreamy pastel makeup look that reminds me of lovely lilac skies.

Once I was finished with my makeup, I glanced in my heart shaped mirror again to admire how it turned out. Fairy dust was lightly sprinkled across each eyelid, my nose looked like a delicate pearl, and my lips were covered in dreamy Angel Tears. Feeling absolutely angelic and ethereal, I was satisfied with my look.

Delighted to spend time in the sunshine, I knew I simply had to go on a whimsical spring adventure. What a perfect day to go on a peaceful walk and stop by the darling little candy shop to see the Easter set up. Going alone with my Love will make this little adventure even more magical!

Stepping onto the porch, the warm, breezy air greeted us instantly. Taking in a deep breath, I smiled as the air smelled like wild daisies and lavender. It made me all the more excited for the upcoming season.

Happily skipping down the stairs, we were off to the candy shop. With a light breeze in the air and the beautiful birds still singing, it was a lovely and peaceful walk filled with laughter and jokes.

Reaching the candy shop, I was completely amazing by the adorable spring and Easter decor that was set up outside. Trees were strung with pastel egg garland, little pink and white bunnies were in the grass, cute peep bunnies hung on the windows, and there was a giant Easter Basket with the name of the shop on it. It was absolutely whimsical and pretty!

Upon entering, the delectable scent of chocolate hit us. Walking further inside, I was enchanted by all of the darling things they had put for the upcoming holiday. One table in particular peaked my attention as it was full of wonderful pastel items.

With so much to choose from, I just couldn’t decide. However there was one thing I was sure of, I wanted the fresh farm picked strawberries that were covered in delicious milk chocolate. Craving them for the past few day, I simply couldn’t leave without them.

After looking around at all of the adorable Easter candy, I settled on a seasonal favorite of mine, pastel malted robins eggs. These delightful little eggs are definitely in my top favorite Easter candies!

Walking to the counters full of delicious truffles, including my favorite Champagne truffles, I politely asked for the chocolate I’ve most desired, six delicious chocolate covered strawberries.

Finally saying good bye to the darling candy shop, we walked back out into the delightful sunshine. The warm air kissing our skin and filling us with happiness.

With the excitement of spring taking over me, the talk is full of wonderful ideas and plans for the season. The plan to visit a little farm to frolick about a field of fresh strawberries and pick them made my heart the most happy.

As our walk was drawing to an end, the late afternoon sun was beaming through the trees and illuminating my red hair making it shine. It was then that I realized just how much I was looking forward to spring and all the adventures it would bring about.

Doing a little twirl before reaching the porch, I sighed in contentment. It was truly a lovely and dreamy taste of spring after a long winter.

Hello my little Vintage Darlings

I hope you Loves enjoyed yet another of my “enchanting day in the life” posts! I simply had to share the dreamy spring day we had here last Wednesday as it made me the happiest I’ve been lately!

Let me know in the comments something you Darlings plan on doing this spring!

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