Angelic Goals for March ♡

Hello my little Vintage Darlings ♡

With the month of love over and a new month full of growth and blooming flowers upon us, I have a new list of goals I have set to achieve during the month of March. I’m delighted to say that February’s angelic goals were a success as I’ve worked on them throughout the entire month! Reaching them has not only made me happier, but they’re helping get me to my main end goals.

While I still plan on working on last months goals, like my lettering practice, I have a few new and enchanting goals I’d love to reach in March and I’m excited to share them with you Loves!

Grow my Blog – One of the main things I’d love to succeed in this month is growing my blog. So far I’ve been blogging for a little over a month and while it is going well, I’d really like to kick start it this month. With having the dream to have my own little business as my job, I really need to get this blog moving. I must stick to my blogging schedule and I truly need to start networking everyday. Being that I go through anxiety and periods of not wanting to be social, I really need to be sure to push past that this month. I plan on joining blogger threads and discovering new blogs to read as well because I’d love to meet new bloggers and become friends with some!

Plan a Garden Tea Party – Always dreaming of a romantic garden tea party during the spring, I want to bring this enchanting idea to life. With it still being cold and snowy here in PA during March, I can only start making plans for it. Using Pinterest I will be looking into dainty finger food recipes, adorable baked goods I can make, and decor ideas. I’ll also be trying out new teas and hopefully find some more darling teacups!

Be Enchanted by Nature – With my love for frolicking through fields of daisies, traipsing through magical forests, and visiting strawberry fields, I’d love to spend more time being amazed by the beautiful nature. I’d adore spending time watching the waterfalls or having picnics in the park while enjoying the scenery. Many of the things I have planned for spring involve being outdoors, so I think this goal will be absolutely easy.

Spring Cleaning – The fresh start of spring is one I absolutely adore. Everything is gentle, light, and airy. There’s nothing I’d love more than a breezy spring day where the fresh air blows through the open window with the afternoon sun shining brightly as I clean the house and make everything new again. Dusting, decorating, and putting fresh floral linen sheets on the bed is sure to make it feel and smell so much more like spring!

Wear More Romantic Dresses – Finally deciding to completely be myself without caring what others might think, I want to start wearing more romantic dresses this spring. Lovely light floral prints, pastels, and linens to feel like an ethereal spring fairy dancing in the meadow.

Update my Wardrobe for Spring – As the seasons change, I enjoy changing and updating my wardrobe. This season I hope to add more dainty florals and enchanting pieces to feel like a delicate spring princess.

Go on Whimsical Spring Adventures – For a long time I’d let my imagination run wild with dreams and ideas of what I would do during the spring time. Sadly I’ve never set out to actually do any of those thing, that’s going to change this time. I plan on setting out on whimsical adventures from my wildest dreams not just in March, but during all of spring.

Look into Starting a Garden – I’d absolutely adore attending to a little garden. Flowers are just so lovely and enchanting, I’d just love to start my own garden. I’m hoping to look into which delightful flowers, and possibly some veggies, that I would love to grow!

I’m so delighted to start working towards my angelic goals this month! With the way I accomplished them last month, I believe in myself that I can easily achieve all my March dreams.

What are some of the goals you’ve set for yourselves this lovely month?

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13 thoughts on “Angelic Goals for March ♡

  1. I love your goals ♡ I wish to do many of these myself this month. I totally get the anxiety and wanting to be away from social media. I go through phases where I refuse to even open any social media apps for days 😧
    You live in Pennsylvania?! I adore PA! Especially in spring and summer (I lived there for several years of my childhood). It will be perfect there for a lovely tea party. I hope you will have a wonderful time with it!

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