Life is Strange ♡ Tea Time with Blair

With my soft, pink Marie blanket wrapped around my petite shoulders, my hand grips a delicate bunny mug filled with delicious hot tea. The warmth from the mug drifts up from it and twirls around the room, leaving the inviting scent of strawberry cheesecake hanging in the air. My free hand reaches out for the controller as my ‘Lilac a Virgin’ coated gel nail delicately pushes pause. The soft sound of the hauntingly beautiful song ‘Spanish Sahara‘ plays from my phone as I type away at a new blog post, finally feeling better enough to concentrate on it.

Hello my Little Vintage Darlings ♡

Another week has unfortunately passed since I last posted, once again falling away from my schedule, and I sincerely apologize. I have been feeling very under the weather as of late and sadly have been experiencing a lot of pain, so I have stayed away from blogging and haven’t been focusing on being active on blog comments or social media in general. I hope you Loves understand!

Though I still don’t feel the greatest, I miss writing and communicating with fellow bloggers very much. As it’s closer to spring, I have so many darling posts scheduled, but today I wanted to bring you Loves another ‘Tea Time with Blair’ discussing something that I absolutely adore with all of my heart! So grab a cup of your favorite tea, or coffee if you prefer, and let’s have a little tea time!

Today I wanted to talk about the game that is very near and dear to my heart, Life is Strange.

Life is Strange is a choice based adventure game originally developed by Dontnod Entertainment, later Deck Nine for Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and published by Square Enix. It’s available for play on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 & One. The game consists of five episodes, the storyline of which follows 18 year old photography student at Blackwell Academy, Max Caulfield who soon discovers she has the power to rewind time simply by holding out her hand. What she doesn’t realize at first is that this rewind power comes with a downside, it creates a butterfly effect. Meaning each choice you make as Max will come with consequences.

The game opens within Max’s nightmare of an impending storm that will rip through the town of Arcadia Bay, destroying everything in its path. Startled, Max wakes up in her photography class wondering where that dream came from. Still shaken from her nightmare, she goes off to the bathroom after class when she sees a blue butterfly land on a bucket, making the perfect photo opportunity. Once she takes the photo, she hears fellow student Nathan Prescott walk in and go on a rant followed by the voice of another person, who she later learns is her childhood best friend Chloe Price. Hiding in the corner, Max witnesses Nathan shoot and kill Chloe. Not believing what she is witnessing, she reaches out with her hand and time rewinds, leaving Max back in her photography class wondering what just happened. This kicks off the beautiful beginning of the game that is Life is Strange.

When I first started playing this game, I had no idea just how attached and invested I would become in these characters and their development, especially Chloe and Max. The graphics of Life is Strange are just so incredibly beautiful, the storyline is amazing, and the music makes it all the more emotional.

To put it simply, this game is tragically beautiful.

There’s no way to get through this entire series without crying multiple times. I’m usually someone that will get a bit teary at sad parts of movies or shows, but parts of this game reduced me to full on sobbing. I could play it thousands of times, but I will always be reduced to the sobbing.

As you continue on playing as Max, you can choose to develop feelings for Chloe (I love Pricefield so much), which honestly just makes the choice you must make at the end of the game all the more heartbreaking.

All of the choices you’ve made may come full circle in the end based on which ending you decide to go with. I personally absolutely cannot go with the more heartbreaking one.

I’m going to tell you Loves my reasoning for this, but if you have yet to play Life is Strange or the Before the Storm bonus episode ‘Farewell’, please skip to after it says “End of Spoilers!”

** Spoilers for Life is Strange and Before the Storm/Farewell **

As I played through the game as Max, I saw just how much she truly cared about and loved Chloe. Therefore, there’s no possible way I could ever choose to sacrifice Chloe over Arcadia Bay right? This choice became even easier for me after the final scene in the Farewell episode and playing through Before the Storm.

There’s just no way I can have Max choose to go all the way back to the beginning and let Chloe die alone in the bathroom believing everyone she ever loved and cared about abandoned her. Thinking that she wouldn’t be missed by anyone. Choosing that ending erases the entire week Max and Chloe spent together. Everything they’ve been through, all the times Max saved Chloe, the way Max was there for her, what happened to Rachel…there’s just no way I can let Chloe die not knowing that Max came back and loved her. Not after everything Chloe has gone through and especially not after that heartbreaking message Max left in Farewell.

Some may say it’s selfish to sacrifice multiple lives for the life of one, but if it were me, I would choose the person I love over a town. I believe Max would do the same. After all Chloe is her number one priority.

I did however choose that ending just once, finally sucking it up and seeing it past the Pricefield kiss. Of course I didn’t see the full “sacrifice Chloe” ending until after playing Farewell, which is probably why I cried so hard. It broke me just like the ending of Farewell did.

I will always, always choose Chloe Price.

** End of Spoilers **

Life is Strange is truly the most heartbreaking, but yet incredibly beautiful games I have ever played and I don’t think any other game will ever compare.

I will always recommend this game to anyone every chance I get. I hope my little tea time has convinced some of you Loves out there to give this beautiful game a try. The first episode is free, by the way!

Let me know in the comments if any of you plan on giving this game a try! If you’ve already played it, feel free to tell me your opinions on it!

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